By John Reddin

We were flying over water
In an ancient D.C. 3
And I swear this really happened on that day

We were making for an island
With a load of pigs on board
And it happened, when one of them got away

It was large and had some puddin'
And would move our craft around
As it crashed around the aircraft's cargo space

It was really quite un-nerving
And the way it ran amok
You could tell the beast was really off it's face.

In the rules of flying aircraft
With live animals aboard
You're required to have a "shotgun" riding man

For the sole intent and purpose
Of protecting all the crew
From an incident like wild marauding "ham".

Billy thought about his choices
As he raised his weapon high
With one good shot he could shoot the porker dead

But because the beast was moving
Billy didn't fire the gun
Just in case he shot the pilot in the head.

So, with just another problem
And not knowing what to do
We all grabbed it, and held "Piggy" to the floor

With our prime concern on safety
And our patience running low
Bill said, "let's just chuck the bugger out the door"

And the legend that came from it
Is still talked about today
And they still say that it never could be true

When old "Salty" Pete was fishing
And he hadn't caught a thing
And a PIG jumped in his boat, out of the blue.

Could a pig be really flying?
Was old "Salty" on the booze?
Could there be a ring of truth about the tale

Bill and I will never tell
About the way it all began
And poor old "Salty" never once more did set sail.