By John Reddin

Banjo’s quill was going
And his rivers overflowing
As he took us to the outback of Australia years ago

With the calling of a muster
Cattle grouped around in cluster
We can almost smell the scent that made old Clancy want to go

There were sheep that went a strollin’
Near a mighty river rollin’
And we heard of deeds courageous from the pioneers and wags

Like the man who went for shavin’
Thought his life it needed savin’
And the Mulga Bill whose antics left his clothing all in rags

We’re a long way from that time
Yet it can still be put to rhyme
Of an era where one sent a note with thumbnail dipped in tar

There’s a feeling of remorse
As we read about the horse
That led the “Cracks” a merry dance along the Snowy hills afar

Now our modern day new scribes
Take delight in poking jibes
At the time when men were men, and rivers ran

Let’s reflect before we miss
All the glory and the bliss
While our muddy rivers cope with metal can!