by John Reddin

Fear is the lane way, it's cold and it's stark
As you make your lonely way home in the dark

Fear is the night knock you hear on the door
You're all on your own, and it's now half past four

Fear is the stage that's empty and bare
You see all the crowd, and they simply stare

Fear is "the letter". You'll open it soon
The Taxman has written. "Now about last June"

Fear can be comical sometimes for sure
Two men in the shower, the soap on the floor

Fear is the feeling you get when you've seen
The damage you've done. Now you're sober and clean

Fear is the look that all children can make
When they see that their football has damaged the cake

Fear is the shadow behind every door
You turn on the light, and it's gone evermore

Fear is the feeling, when a racist remark
Will stop you from walking alone through the park

Fear is the sliver of glass in your hand
You know it will cut. It's the pain you can't stand

Fear is the thunder that comes with the storm
The lightning as well, but a rug keeps you warm

Fear is the height of the mountain you're on
You know if you move, one slip and you're gone

Fear is so different from one to the next
Some get around it, and some think they're hexed