I was up in FN Queensland
On a perfect FN day
When I had a strange encounter
I had lost my FN way

So I asked an FN local
Could he show the FN track
That would lead me to my camp
So I could hit the FN sack

I was feeling very tired
In an FN sort of way
And I think that it was all because
I'd lost my FN way

Everything in FN Queensland
Is much bigger than the rest
I got chased by FN Cane Toads
Through a Cassowary's nest

And the FN Cassowary
In it's FN jungle home
Is a force to be aware of
If you don't leave it alone

So if you're in FN Queensland
And you want to FN roam
Just be sure you take a map,
And don't go on your FN own.