By John Reddin

The local side was losing
In the country cricket match
And we really did deserve it
To the side from Wilson's patch

We were playing "country" rules
And in the game we played that day
The rules allowed for errors,
For a mis-hit you might play

It was "two" if off the windmill
And "four" if off the plough
And "six" if off the broad expanse
Of Mrs. Murphy's cow

We were being "done for dinner"
In the game we played and yet
There was something in the air
That gave us hope, I won't forget

The feeling that we all had
When Dougy strode the crease
It was such a magic moment
He was calm and filled with ease

We were twelve behind the others
With one over left to play
And, so Dougy wouldn't let us down
We all commenced to pray

He hit "two" right off the windmill
And "four" bounced off the plough
And of course he got a "six"
For hitting Mrs. Murphy's cow

But he will not be remembered
For his hook, his glance, his pull
We'll remember how we all ran
When the ball hit Murphy's bull!