By John Reddin

Bazza and Kazza
Ocker and Jill

Gazza and Shazza
Bluey and Bill

Aussie names all of them
Really "True Blue"

They're in the past now
And I'm telling you

If you want to talk "Aussie"
In cities these days

You must get your tongue 'round
A whole different phrase

Dimitri, Mohamed
Che and Wing Lu

Yassar and Stavros
Diego, Abu.

These are the sounds
Of a new nation now

Though it's just not the same
When you say 'em some how.

My old mates have gone now
They've all passed away

But my friend Chum-How
Helps me fill in my day

We talk of old times
When we were at war

And sometimes we ask ourselves
What was it for?

My new mates Luigi, Bjorn and Sergei
Benezir, Boris, Hans and Jose

All come to see me as I'm resting here
We have a good chat, and a bloody cold beer!